Short bio

I started in photography back in 2008 shooting dance events. In short time, I discovered my passion for this art form and began learning on my own.

Since 2010, I've devoted my work to performance and scenic arts and started getting noticed, not only in my home country, Costa Rica, but in the USA as well, where my work has been used in advertising materials of well-known dancers, dance companies and magazines.

In 2011, I got interested in fashion photography. Before following this new kind of photography, I decided to study, obtaining a degree in this field, from FotoDesign, a Colombian-Argentinean, school of photography widely recognised in both countries now with facilities also in Chile and Spain.

In early 2015, I completed the professional photography career in New York Institute of Photography

I've worked with many models and brands that expressed warm admiration for my style of photography, lightning and post-production.

My commercial and advertising work has been featured in magazines such as COSMOPOLITAN MEXICO, VOGUE MEXICO,  ESQUIRE MEXICO, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC,  among others.

I am mostly dedicated to the scenic arts, fashion, advertising and editorial photography.

I am currently based  in Mexico City.